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How To Buy Deputy Dawgs


Create a Metamask Wallet

The best way to acquire $DDawgs is to use $ETH to swap. You should have your Ethereum tokens sent to your wallet address on MetaMask. You can send ETH from another personal wallet or an exchange like Binance, Coinbase, etc.

Send $ETH to your MetaMask

To purchase $DDawgs, you need to access the Ethereum blockchain. To use metamask, visit metamask.io on google chrome. Then, add the extension to your browser. If you prefer mobile, MetaMask also offers an app on iPhone or Androids app stores.

Go to Uniswap

Visit Uniswap.org and click "launch app". From here, click on "Select Token" and paste the official $DDawgs token address:


Swap your $ETH for $DDawgs

Enter the amount of $ETH you would like to trade for your $DDawgs then click on "Connect Wallet" below to link your MetaMask. Make sure that you have enough $ETH in gas fees to facilitate the transaction! Gas prices differ based on market volume.