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How To Buy Deputy Dawgs

on Coinstore


The Deputy Dawgs Token is now listed on Coinstore! Trade your USDT in exchange for your $DDawgs!

Click HERE to visit the DDAWGS/USDT Pair on Coinstore

How To Buy Deputy Dawgs

on Uniswap


The best way to acquire $DDawgs is to use $ETH to swap. You should have your Ethereum tokens sent to your Ethereum wallet address. You can send $ETH from another personal wallet or an exchange like Binance, Coinbase, etc.

Send $ETH to the Ethereum Wallet of your choice

Go to Uniswap

Visit Uniswap.org and click "launch app". From here, click on "Select Token" and paste the official $DDawgs token address:

CA : 0x19f78a898f3e3c2f40c6E0CD2EE5545F549d5E99

Swap your $ETH for $DDawgs

Enter the amount of $ETH you would like to trade for your $DDawgs then click on "Connect Wallet" below to link your wallet. Make sure that you have enough $ETH in gas fees to facilitate the transaction! Gas prices differ based on market volume.